The Dangers of Working Full Throttle

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You work in a fast-paced, competitive marketplace where you could be tempted to find your identity in how much you accomplish. How are you coping with the stress? Are you worshipping work? 

That clever illustration is a challenge not to worship work, but to use your talents and skills in the marketplace where God called you. 

Tara Russell, CEO and Founder of Create Common Good, talks about how her work/life suffered when she did not rest and offers tips that she used to bring life back into her personal and work life.

In the workplace, our world naturally focuses on "do;" as we do a lot, do it fast and do it better. Are you living at full throttle? Do you have any practice or discipline that helps you get out of the "doing" and into just "being"?
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Read John 6:27. Ultimately our energy source is God and our renewed intimacy with him. Are you getting your worth from "being" or "doing"? Does your "doing" come out of your relationship with God? Is there anything that needs to change?
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Tara talked about two ways that helped her to slow down and regain balance:
  1. Boundaries (Disconnect)
  2. Creating healthy rhythms (Sabbath)

What boundaries and rhythms will you put in place to make sure that your life is balanced?
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The balance is tricky. Achieving balance comes more naturally when we start breathing again and feel life again. 

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