Where is Your Mission Field?

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God gave you the gifts and skills for the business you are in, and that is your mission field. In this video, Tara Russell shares the philosophy of her organization. Tara is the CEO and Founder of Create Common Good, a social and entrepreneurial venture that provides training and employment to refugees and others in need while bringing broader access to quality foods. 

Tara is passionate about the intersection of business and social impact as well as the importance of harnessing individual gift and talent for the greater good. In this video, she explains the importance of using our gifts and skills where God has planted us to glorify Him. 

Tara said that she didn't grow up with the attitude that "God is in one place and not in another." So as she built relationships and the opportunity came, she could share her faith. How do you combine your faith in your day-to-day work life? Who around you needs to hear about the grace of God? Is there anything that needs to change?
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Read Isaiah 61:1–3. Take a moment to write down your calling. How are you harnessing your gifts, talent and skills to glorify God where he planted you?
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Tara said that she is passionate about helping others discover their passion. What are you passionate about? How are you bringing up and mentoring others?
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The more we can use our gifts and talents, the more God is glorified and embodied in our work. 

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