Get Your Team Moving in the Same Direction

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Do your meetings tend to cause more problems that productive results? This RightNow training post, in partnership with Soderquist Leadership, addresses that problem. Tension will inevitably find its way into any organization, but David Glass (retired Walmart CEO) and Don Soderquist (retired Walmart COO), explain how they got their leadership team to work toward a common goal and stand behind each other once a decision had been made.

Before you hear from Don and David, watch this funny illustration about the wrong way to conduct a meeting.

Leaders who don't listen will miss great ideas from their team members and will fail to bring everyone together to a common goal. In this first clip, David and Don talk about the power of pre-determining your results and getting the entire team on board to meet those expectations.

David said that good leader will approach outcomes in the following order:
  1. Predetermine your results
  2. Sell it to the team
  3. Figure out the "how"

What is an audacious goal that you can set for your team in the next year or quarter?
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Will you agree to Hulu dance? How will you sell this to your team so that the whole group helps form the goal and gets excited to work collectively to meet it?
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In this space, list two ideas for the "how" and plan for carefully sharing them at your next meeting.
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Be prepared to not only share your ideas, but humbly listen to the criticisms and ideas of your other people.

In the next clip, David and Don share how to argue well and make group decisions that are good for the entire company. 

David shared these rules for group discussions regarding big decisions.
  1. Make the decision in that meeting
  2. Argue your side as strongly as you can during the meeting
  3. Once the decision is made, no one may reveal which side they were on
  4. Everyone support the decision once it is made

What system do you have in place for group decisions and then group support? How can you improve on this system before the next big company decision?
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Do you have problems with people spreading animosity or tension on your team? What can you do to put a stop to this?
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Don said that he and David always presented a unified front to the rest of their people. How would this practically work in your company and what would it communicate to the employees?
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Getting everybody in a team and the entire organization moving in the same direction can be one of the hardest parts of leadership. Communicate clear standards for group decisions and support, and you might have all of your leadership on the same page.

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