Timeless Truths

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Technology changes at a rapid pace and leaders must keep moving with it if they want their organizations to be successful. Some things, however, never change - like the biblical foundation for truth. This post, in partnership with the Soderquist Leadership, features Dan Cathy, President and CEO of Chick-fil-A. Here he shares his perspective on Scripture that guides his perspective on business.

Watch this illustration about the evolution of communication and technology and consider how you are influenced by these changes.

The mediums through which we communicate are always changing, but what message are you sending? Dan Cathy teaches the importance of keeping timeless truth as the content of his message.

Relevant, healthy leaders know how to relate to people in today's economy, but they also do not neglect absolute truth.

Read Isaiah 40:8 and Matthew 5:17–18 before answering the following questions.

What are some ways that our society's love for change and novelty has led to sin? How have you been tempted in this direction?
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What is a truth from Scripture that has recently impressed its continued relevance upon you?
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Dan said that it is his responsibility to speak with clarity to those issues that will never change. What is a strategy that you can use to communicate biblical truth in your work context?
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The world we live in is one of rapid change and widespread dissatisfaction with anything more than a generation old. The Word of God, however, never grows outdated.

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