Quality Ministry to Children with Special Needs

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Helping children with special needs requires special instruction. Sue Armbrecht, teacher and writer for Word of Life Fellowship, teaches in churches and in schools. In this post,  she shares some practical ideas for reaching children with special needs during Bible studies.

Word of Life is focused on reaching young people around the world with the gospel of Christ and teaching them how to walk with the Lord.

Statistics suggest that most children's ministries will reach out to kids with special needs. These needs are broader and less severe than we often think, and simple preparedness is a key part of this kind of work. Answer the following questions in a way that prepares you for the possibility of serving a special needs child.

Do you have students with special needs? Do you have information prepared for their parents? What can you do to prepare for a conversation with these parents so you are able to teach these kids well?
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Do you make a habit of teaching expectations by praising good examples? What behaviors do you need to emphasize in your children's ministry?
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Make a list here of the particular special needs considerations that you need to teach your volunteer leaders.
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Do you have volunteers that are especially capable of helping special needs kids? If not, who might you recruit for this task?
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When your ministry includes children with special needs, "be prayerful, be prepared, be patient, be faithful" and help that child know and reach their potential as they know and serve and obey God.

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