Thriving Small Church Youth Groups

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If you work in a small church with a small number of teenagers,  you might be tempted to envy the huge youth groups in mega churches. Rob Phillips, from Word of Life Fellowship, believes that smaller groups are a blessing that provide unique opportunities for intimacy and individual impact.

Word of Life is focused on reaching young people around the world with the gospel of Christ and teaching them how to walk with the Lord.

Most youth groups are small in number and led by volunteers. Do not think that you are doing something wrong if your group is smaller than you would like it to be. Instead, enjoy the opportunity that you have to know and impact each student in your ministry.

Have you experienced frustration with the numbers in your groups? What specifically has bothered you about the attendance? What have you previously diagnosed as "the problem," and do you now feel differently after hearing Rob's message?
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Which of your students do you need to individually care for better? How will you do this?
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What are some long-term strategies that you need to incorporate into your group? How can you impact your students now so that your influence can continue on to their next stage of life?
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What can you do to open up your home? What events can you hold at your home that will be a good fit for your group?
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What communication opportunities have you previously overlooked? How will you contact all of your students now while you are able to contact them all?
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Small numbers are not a problem to be fixed but a blessing on which to capitalize. Ask for God's direction in doing whatever you can to help your students feel loved and capable to grow in the Lord.

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