4 Steps to Avoid Youth Pastor Burnout

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Burnout can subtly threaten most youth pastors, but some invite it by trying to do too much or failing to take care of themselves. Rob Phillips, from Word of Life Fellowship, describes his own experience with burnout and offers advice to youth pastors who might be in this same danger.

Word of Life is focused on reaching young people around the world with the gospel of Christ and teaching them how to walk with the Lord.

Did any of Rob's signs of burnout sound familiar to you personally? In what area do you suffer the biggest danger for burnout?
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Read Mark 6:30–34. The Lord understood the need for rest in his earthly ministry. You need to do the same. Rob's suggestions are...
  1. Take Care of Yourself
  2. Stay Narrow Minded
  3. Be Creative and Intentional with Your Time
  4. Allow your Leadership the Opportunity to Help

What are you doing to take care of yourself spiritually, emotionally, and physically? In what areas do you need to start?
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Are you being pulled in too many directions to give your best to the students in your charge? What boundaries do you need to set?
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How are you under-utilizing your volunteer leaders? Where can you give them added responsibility to lighten your load and give them good opportunity to minister?
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Are you threatening middle schoolers with cologne baths or trying to pass off VeggieTales as a good lesson for seniors? Take some time for yourself to recharge and make smart plans for your work and ministry.

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