Minister to Every Personality Type

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Youth groups are never comprised of a single personality that each student manifests. Ministering so that everyone feels heard, spoken to and encouraged can be difficult. Hayley Miller, from Word of Life Fellowship, helps us identify what the various personalities look like and how we should minister to each.

Hayley's role and passion is for discipleship and diversity in ministry to youth. Word of Life is focused on reaching young people around the world with the gospel of Christ and teaching them how to walk with the Lord.

Hayley identified four general personality types that we can use to label most of our students. In the following question boxes, there is a description of each of the types as Haley described them. With each type, answer the following:
  • Which of our students fits this type? List a few by name.
  • What are the common strengths for these kids?
  • What are their common weaknesses?
  • Write one creative thing you can do to help this type in their spiritual life.

Blue - loves people, every room is a party, fun, excited, optimistic, social, full of energy
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Green - introverted, likes rules and procedures, analytical, easily sees when others deviate from the norm or do the unexpected
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Red - winner, hyper competitive, goal oriented, speaks to the point, avoids emotional interaction
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Yellow - gentle, soft spoken, listens more than talks, loving, positive, wants everyone to feel welcome, artistic
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Acknowledge the different personality types in your youth group and work to help each student within his or her natural tendencies.

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