Using Learning Styles to Reach Every Student

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Students absorb information and teaching in different ways so how can we reach them all? Karalie Gray Messer, teacher at Word of Life Bible Institute, talks about the three basic learning styles and offers practical suggestions to effectively communicate to a diverse audience.

The three most common ways people process information are:  
  1. visual - retain information they see 
  2. audio - need to hear the information  
  3. kinesthetic - need to feel, experience and move around the information
An awareness of these styles and how to work with them will make you a much more effective teacher.

What is your learning style? If you have never taken a test, you probably still have a good idea. How has this affected the way you teach?
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How can you incorporate notes, reading and videos into your lessons so that you may do more to reach the visual learners?
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How can you find greater balance for your auditory learners by using lecture, group discussion and even music or pneumatic devices?
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What kinesthetic activities, like object lessons or physical movement, can you use to help these kinds of learners?
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How does the setup of your room and the schedule and feel of your large group time affect each of the learning styles?
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The next time you teach a lesson, use some of Karalie's advice. Make a substantive plan for reaching each type of learning style with the message you present.

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