The Life and Death of a Youth Ministry Program

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Lynn Figura, a local church ministry leader who also works with Word of Life Fellowship, gives ministry leaders advice for breathing life into a dying program or, in more dire circumstances, taking a program out of its misery. She gives some practical insight into how this inevitable process occurs.

Word of Life focuses on reaching young people around the world with the gospel of Christ and teaching them how to walk with the Lord.

Every church ministry lives and breathes and eventually moves toward death. Lynn offered several practical things a church can do to breathe new life into stale ministries.

Are your leaders or volunteers becoming stagnant? If the adults running your ministry no longer find excitement in it, what caused them to head in that direction? What can you do to breathe new life into them or yourself?
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Lynn suggested highly focused prayer support for the ministry. What specific things should your leadership team be asking God to do in your ministry?
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Does your ministry have a time of rest built in for your leaders? When and how often do your leaders get to go away from the ministry and just be still with the Lord? If this doesn't happen right now, how do you propose to change it?
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Use this space to do a health check of your ministry. Look at the attendance fluctuation by program, dryness of particular participants , quality of spiritual walk of your students and leaders and who's sufficiency is sustaining the ministry. What lesson do you learn from this check?
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Assess your ministry often. The work you do makes an eternal difference in the lives of kids, and it is worth doing well.