Awaken Your Creativity

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In this post with Ray Deck, author and speaker for Word of Life Fellowship  shares from his own experience how to grow in creativity. Ray has blogged extensively on the subject of creativity and converted many of these ideas into a book.

Ray is a writer and actor with a passion to creatively convey the Truth. Word of Life is focused on reaching young people around the world with the gospel of Christ and teaching them how to walk with the Lord.

Ray offered three ways to become more creative.
  1. Learn how to separate your ideas from your self worth
  2. Be tenacious in follow through
  3. Do not be afraid to borrow ideas

In what area of your life or ministry would you like to be more creative? How do you plan to use creativity?
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Have you previously believed one of the three myths about creativity - that it is only an innate characteristic, an external atmosphere, or purely learned? Has this belief hindered you from attempting to be creative?
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Ray also said that creativity itself is a three step process.
  1. Idea generation
  2. Idea filtering
  3. Execution

Which of these three come most easily for you? Give an example of a time when you used that step.
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What will you do to increase your creativity before you start your next project?
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Everyone wants more creativity, but few take steps to increase it. Be one of the few and build your creativity so that you can use it to build up the church.

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Ray no longer writes his creativity blog, but he has placed all of his ideas into a book titled 100 Ways to be More Creative.