Developing Godly Habits

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Many people, young and old, have a very hard time developing habits like prayer and Bible reading, but Mike Calhoun from Word of Life Fellowship teaches through some of his own resources that have helped him and his students grow in godly habits.

Mike speaks to thousand of students, leaders and youth pastors through a diversified ministry of camps, conferences and evangelistic events. He has a deep burden for evangelism, discipleship and development of future leadership.

Before you get started with the questions for this training post, click here to visit Mike's website. Print both resources on this link and keep them handy as you complete this post.

In the following blanks, write in your plan for your spiritual growth in quiet time. If you take this seriously, you will already be at level 3 on your Growth Level Graph.

At what regular time will you meet with the Lord?
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At what location will you do this?
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What, specifically, will you do during this quiet time?
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Write down 5-10 positive habits that you will add to your Spiritual Growth Chart.
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Write down 3-7 negative habits that you will add to your Spiritual Growth Chart.
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If you have a good relationship with Jesus, none of these things will become legalism, but joyful godly habits.

Word of Life offers a variety of Quiet Time resources, including the journal that Mike suggested. To view those resources, click here.