Creativity and the Christ

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In this 58 minute session from the 2012 Ligonier Conference, which includes speaking and music from Dove Award-winning musician and author, Michael Card who describes the unbreakable link between human creativity and our Savior Jesus. In Philippians 2, Paul asks us to model the humility of Christ, and Michael Card teaches that this model is also the basis for godly creativity.

Read John 1:1–5, Colossians 1:15–19, and Hebrews 1:1–4. If we are to learn anything of creativity, then the Creator should be the first source.

How does Jesus' response to the woman caught in adultery (John 8:1–11) model creativity? What modern application can you make to your own outpouring of creativity?
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A chiasm (kee-as-um) is an ancient poetic form used by the Hebrews. The most common structure for this kind of poem is to write a few ideas leading up to a central idea, which is often the main teaching point for the poem. On the other side of the central point, ideas parallel to the first half are given in reverse order. 

For example, the order of ideas in a chiasm can be A-B-C-B-A. C will be the main point of the poem, and the two A's will complement each other other in some way, and the two B's will also be complements.  When one draws a diagram of this structure, connecting the complementary parts, it will look like the letter chi (X)

Michael Card explained that the passage of Philippians 2:6–11 follows a chiastic pattern in this way:

humility (v.6)              servanthood (v.7) 
                         \\            //
                           \\        //
                             \\    //
                radical obedience (v.8)
                             //   \\
                           //       \\
                         //           \\
lordship (v.9)              exaltation (vv.10–11)

In what specific ways does this order of ideas diagram the life of Christ?
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What are your primary creative outlets? How do you use these creative talents? Can you see a way for your creative work to benefit the church?
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What opportunities do you have right in front of you to be a servant?
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Michael was adamant about his point that none of us can find identity only in our giftings. Why is this matter so important? What good does it do for you to avoid this kind of thinking?
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Slavery to the Lord is a better freedom than we can ever know elsewhere. If we regard Jesus as our only possession, we will become far better servants, and grow closer to the model of our Lord.

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