Raising Up Small Group Leaders

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Whether your small groups are known as Sunday School, home groups, community groups or life groups, your small group leaders are the front line for pastoral care in your small group ministry. Trevor Joy, Spiritual Formation Pastor  at The Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas, explains the important process that they use to identify, equip and send the right leaders out.

Trevor stated the goal of small groups at The Village Church. "We desire that home groups write a context for the gospel to be express in and through community life." They place a high premium on those they place in leadership and have found that the best chance for this kind of community to happen is to have small group leaders who are growing in their faith.

What is the goal of your small group ministry? How are you aiming for that goal? Where are you seeing success and where is the struggle?
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Trevor gave three questions they ask to identify who is  both called and capable to lead a community group.
  1. Is there a growing love for Jesus?
  2. Is there evidence that this person is governed by the Word of God?
  3. Do they love people?

Consider the small group leaders you have now. Do you know the answer to those questions in their lives? Is there anything (or anyone) that needs to change? Who are some new potential leaders who answer "yes" to those questions?
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What is your assessment process to make sure your small group leaders are not only capable, but called? Do they have experience in group life? Have those in their community affirmed their calling as a small group leader? Do they understand theology? Have you given them a clear understanding of their role and expectations?
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And finally, before sending out their small group leaders to launch a group, Trevor explained that they equip them by teaching: 
  • The gospel
  • Biblical discipleship
  • Roles and expectations
  • How to walk groups through their first year

What can you take away from The Village Church model of identifying, assessing, equipping and sending small group leaders out?
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The process you place in equipping and sending out leaders is the trellis (structure) that provides the vine (ministry) to grow. Group life is truly organic. The processes you put in place act as an important support for the spiritual growth you want in ministry. 

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