Set up Your Successor for Success

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In this 5 minute session from Leadership Network's 2012 The Nines Conference, Mac Lake, the Chief Launch Officer for church planting ministry, The Launch Network, shares his story of leaving his position as a senior pastor and helping the new pastor transition to that role. When leaving a ministry organization, a careful leader can help the ministry to continue to thrive by following this practical advice for helping his successor.

Is God asking you to recommission to a new calling? Following Mac's advice can help you set up your successor for success so that the church and its ministry will thrive after you are gone.

How are you cultivating other leaders right now that could do your job if you suddenly left?
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What are some easy but big wins that your successor can claim right after you leave?
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Are there any areas of your ministry that are so locked in to you personally that they would fail without you there? How can you make changes so that particular work will function and thrive without you?
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Remember that every local church is still the Lord's church, and not the pastor's. Part of your stewardship of your congregation is to create an environment without dependence on you.

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