Encourage Your Congregation to Give

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In this 5 minute session from Leadership Network's 2012 The Nines Conference, Steve Stroope, Senior Pastor at Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall, TX, gives several great ideas for promoting giving in your church. Church members need to understand their financial responsibility to support the fellowship and its ministries.

Steve advised to speak about finances regularly from the pulpit, and he listed the following strategies to help your congregation find ease in giving.
  • Encourage them to step up their giving (nothing to something, percentage to tithe, tithe to sacrificial).
  • Send an individualized quarterly financial statement.
  • Send a transparent newsletter with the church's financial status.
  • Ask for designated items (buy a computer for a classroom or Bible for a new believer).
  • Every 3 years, do a capital campaign.
  • Take an offering every December for missions.
  • Take a single offering on Christmas Eve to support a local compassionate need.

How is the state of giving at your church? Do your members need an overhaul in their attitudes about giving?
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What good does it do your members to keep stepping up their giving until it is sacrificial?
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Which point of advice from Steve would work well in your church? Use this space to plan how you would adapt that Lake Pointe strategy to fit your church's culture.
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When the church provides information and opportunity for its members to give where their passions lie, they will see the Kingdom impact of their financial participation and find joy in giving.

For information about Leadership Network's The Nines Conference, go to www.thenines.tv.