Use the CIA to Kill a Lame Program

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In this 3 minute session from Leadership Network's 2012 The Nines Conference, Dr. Tara Jenkins, Women's Ministry Pastor at Fellowship Church Chicago and national speaker to pastor's wives, gives her advice for closing an older church program to usher in a more useful one. A gracious heart toward the congregation and those leading the old program will help toward a smooth transition without hurt feelings.

Tara has used the acronym CIA to help us remember to be gracious and cautious when introducing a new program.

C  - Celebrate those who served before you.
 I   - Include the individuals from the old ministry in the new one.
A  - Appetize the congregation by introducing the new ministry in a big way.

What ministry in your church is ready to be replaced or revamped? What should your church be doing in it's place?
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Have you witnessed or been part of a messy program cut?Why didn't things go smoothly? What lesson did you learn from that experience, and does that lesson fit Tara's advice?
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When the time has come to cut a program, remember to do a lot of celebrating of the good work done by those in the old one. Letting people know they are appreciated will go a long way toward helping you with your new initiatives.

Are you still in the diagnosis stage over an old program? Click here to see another post from this conference in which Phil Cooke will help you determine when a program should be cut.

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