Killing a Church Program

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In this 4 minute session from Leadership Network's 2012 The Nines Conference, Phil Cooke, author and speaker on leadership, discusses when it is time to cut a church program. Rather than being average at a lot of things, it is more profitable for a church to do a few things really well. In order to make this happen, we often have to cut away the fat.

Churches often hang onto old programs long after they are effective or profitable. Organizations without a monetary bottom line often do, but churches should still ask hard questions of their programs.

Write your church's mission statement here.
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What activities, ministries, and events does your church only do at an average level? Do you believe that these things support your overall mission?
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What are some programs in the church that you feel need to be cut? What is the biggest barrier to change in your church?
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What do you think your church, specifically, should be known for?
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Organizations can be ruined by attempting to do hundreds of things and never learning to excel at any one of them. Take time with your leadership team this week and seriously consider if you are trying to do too much. Ask God for His help as you radically prioritize your resources.

Have you decided that it's time kill a program? Tara Jenkins, in a message from this same conference, gives her advice for the graciously moving the old program out to make room for a new one. Click here to view that post.

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