When Your Staff Doesn't Fit

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In this 5 minute session from Leadership Network's 2012 The Nines Conference, Phil Cooke, author and speaker on leadership, speaks about the issue of competence and the situation of needing to fire a staff member. Sometimes you have people who get along with everyone and possess great integrity, but just can't do their job well.

If you have an underperforming employee, you are actually being dishonest with them by keeping them around. It is like telling them they are doing a good job when they are not.

Phil said that we have to get over the awkwardness of firing people, especially if we are helping them by doing so. Did any part of his talk help you to feel better about the prospect of firing an underperforming staff member?
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If you find yourself in the situation of letting someone go, how will you use some of Phil's suggestions to help that person move on to better things for himself?
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Have you ever confused a person's loyalty with competence? Did they stick around much longer than they should have? What problems did this cause? Do you have someone around right now who is more loyal than competent?
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There is a way to fire someone that shows them you care and adds benefit to their career. When you are in this uncomfortable situation, try to treat the person with pastoral care and love, helping them find a better fit for their skills and disposition.

For information about Leadership Network's The Nines Conference, go to www.thenines.tv.