How to Fire a Staff Member

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In this 5 minute clip from Leadership Network's 2012 The Nines Conference, Bryan Carter, Lead Pastor at Concord Church in Dallas, Texas, gives practical advice for sensitively and courageously letting someone go from a church staff. Many people believe that a person can't be fired from a church, but some occasions demand that you replace your people.

"One of the hardest parts of pastoral ministry is dealing with staff change, and even harder than that is having to release someone from ministry." 

Bryan understands the difficulty of needing to let someone go, and he gives three reasons why you might need to.

  1. The chemistry is out of order.
  2. The person has an integrity failure.
  3. The person lacks competence. 

At what point does a chemistry issue mean that a person can not continue to work on your staff? What is your church staff's line that can not be crossed?
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We all continue to struggle with sin, but there are some moral failures that disqualify a person from leadership. At what point does an integrity issue mean that a person can not continue to work on your staff?
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How does your church handle staff problems? Does it go before the elder board? Does one person have the authority to make these decisions alone? If you have nothing formal in place, what should be your policy?
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What part of Bryan's advice for the actual conversation did you find most helpful? Why?
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Firing someone is one of the most difficult parts of leadership, but Bryan's words are helpful for this situation.

"To lead is to have the courage to do what you have to do, even knowing that it will alter things after that."

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