Invite Homosexuals to Your Church

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In this 6 minute session from Leadership Network's 2012 The Nines Conference, Shunna Jones-Moreno, Worship Leader at Oasis Church in Los Angeles, tells her story of inviting gay men to her church and the wonderful impact it had on them. Our society paints the church as the enemy of homosexuals, and we do a great work of love when we show them the love of Christ by welcoming them into the church.

Sometimes the best ministry we can offer to another person is to worship the Lord deeply right in front of them.

What is God asking you to do in response to Shunna's words? What do you think would happen if gays and lesbians started attending your church?
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Why is it sometimes hard to hear that "God doesn't need us to be anyone's Holy Spirit"? How does this truth work against our instincts?
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Does your church have a system in place for helping believers who are struggling through whole-lifestyle sins? (In other words, sins that create an identity like gay or alcoholic, as opposed to cursing in traffic)
Explain it here if you do. If there is not one that you know of, what do you think your church should do?
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As you think about homosexuality and other sensitive issues, remember that God has not tasked us with fixing people. Our job is to show them Jesus.

Shunna mentioned two resources that have been helpful to her. Click the links below to check these out.

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