Approaching Homosexuality with Grace

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In this 11 minute session from Leadership Network's 2012 The Nines Conference, J.D. Greear, Senior Pastor at The Summit Church in Durham, North Carolina, delivers a thoughtful and gracious message about the way the church should approach the issue of homosexuality. We often get sidetracked from the real issue in a number of different ways, but constantly returning to the cross of Christ will fix our perspective on this issue.

Truth without grace is fundamentalism. Grace without truth is just sentimentality. There is a way to speak the truth with grace so that we can disagree with people and let them know we love them. Think about how this dynamic affects the way we approach homosexuality.

Have you seen your church fall into the trap of emphasizing truth without grace or grace without truth? How can your church embrace both of these so that you offer to the gay community the kind of love that Jesus commands?
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J.D. said that the test of our faithfulness to Jesus comes at our courage over these kinds of issues. What does he mean by that? Do you agree? How do you stand for truth on this issue of homosexuality?
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Do you have opportunity to extend friendship to gay people? How can you enter that relationship in a way that shows Christ's love and doesn't make that person feel like they are your project to fix?
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Don't pander to gay people and try to tell them what you think they want to hear, and don't be judgmental and try to make them hurt. Every one of us is in great need of God's grace, so our emphasis should always be the gospel.

Speak the truth in love.

J.D. mentioned several resources that have helped him learn and think about our culture's reaction to homosexuality and the Bible's response.

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