Building a Youth Group Leadership Team

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Recruiting adult volunteers to help with teenagers is one of the most frustrating parts of youth ministry. Nathan Shoultz, with Word of Life Fellowship, shares his strategy for finding, recruiting, and keeping quality volunteers.

Nathan is a former youth pastor  and worship leader who loves communicating God's Word to students. Word of Life is focused on reaching young people around the world with the gospel of Christ and teaching them how to walk with the Lord. 

The careful youth pastor wants volunteer leaders who are more than just warm bodies. The following list helps to identify what a good youth leader looks like.
  • Committed to the ministry and the students
  • Makes regular contact and impact 
  • Possesses a lot of energy
  • Sets a great example in walk with the Lord
  • Natural encourager
  • Eager to learn and humble to receive instruction
  • Engaged with youth culture

Nathan said that three good places to look for volunteers are college students, parents, and retirees. Before you answer the following questions, take a moment and write down the names of 5 or 6 people who you think fit the above description. 

Have you ever struggled with recruiting and keeping people? Why do you think you had these problems?
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Write your basic job description for a volunteer worker. Remember that Nathan emphasized clarity, transparency, and specific details.
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What do you do for your current leaders to show them they are appreciated, use their time well, respect their talents, and challenge them appropriately? How do you plan to address deficiency in any of these areas?
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Word of Life recommends a 1:6 leader to student ratio. As you fill out your leadership team, remember to impress upon your adults the great good we do for students by simply living godly lives in front of them.

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