Creating an Inviting Environment

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Our environment affects our responses more than we know. Hayley Miller is a Word of Life Fellowship staff member who specializes in discipleship and ministry to youth. In this post, she offers great practical advice for the design of your youth group's physical space.

Hayley gave us a list of things we should consider as we craft the environment for youth ministry. As you read and answer the questions, think about our church's space that we use for our youth. Her list included these things:

  • Color
  • Lighting
  • Smells
  • Style
  • Focal Point and 360 Experience
  • Food
  • Music

Do you feel that the environment where our youth ministry meets is purposeful? Which of the items from Hayley's list are we doing well? Why are they working?
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Which of the items are a negative for our environment? What suggestions do you have for improving these things?
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Are you addicted to HGTV (would you like to become part of the atmosphere design team)?

Choose one

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The room clearly matters, but remember that the way we host matters more. After you remake the environment, remember to get in it and get into these kid's lives. Our personal relationships with them always yield the biggest results.

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