Strategy for Balanced Youth Ministry

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In this post, Ric Garland, Leader of Word of LIfe Local Church Ministries, outlines a strategy for creating a balanced youth ministry that encourages transformation in its students. Rick is purposed and passionate about helping others to live biblical, principled lives. His ministry includes speaking and teaching around the world and leading Word of Life in evangelism, discipleship and leadership development. 

Ric said that navigating the journey of a strong youth ministry is like following a map that leads through leadership development, discipleship, and evangelism. Finding balance in these things will help students to grow and live well in their faith.

How would you write the job description for an adult volunteer to your group? Has your ministry done a good job of recruiting volunteers to this point? Why or why not?
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Is your youth ministry unbalanced toward evangelism or discipleship? Is it lacking in both? Describe the state of your group in regard to these two areas.
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What do you think your ministry needs to change or begin in order to give your students balance in their Christian walk?
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Ric also gave 6 keys to discipleship. The ingredients are:
  1. Quiet Time
  2. Scripture Memory
  3. Bible Study
  4. Faithfulness to the Local Church
  5. Christian Service
  6. Accountability

How are you doing in each of these things? Are you prepared to help students do these things well as you are doing them?
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Consider how your ministry develops leaders and fosters discipleship and evangelism. Work to find balance in these things so that your students will live balanced lives that are honoring to the Lord.

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