Teaching Presentations that Engage Your Youth

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Ray Deck with Word of Life Fellowship gives his advice for finding and using effective multimedia in order to present lessons that engage your students. Ray reminds us that we have to be concerned about more than our content because the goal of teaching is transformation.

Ray is a writer and actor with a passion to creatively convey the Truth. Word of Life is focused on reaching young people around the world with the gospel of Christ and teaching them how to walk with the Lord.

Before hearing from Ray, watch this funny video about the wrong way to engage your students.

No need to hire a mascot for your youth group. Ray will give us some suggestions for engaging the students with solid teaching.

Read 2 Timothy 2:15. God has called us work toward excellence in the way that we teach. Think about this passage and Ray's advice as you work through the following questions.

If your students filled out a survey right now about your teaching, what would they say? What would they label as your strengths? In what areas would they criticize your teaching?
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How do you use (or never use) variety in your instruction? Where do you get ideas for variance in teaching? Have you been intentional about the choices you have made?
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What is something out of your normal comfort zone that you have tried before? How did it go? Did you continue to take those kind of chances?
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Do you believe that your students can live up the challenges that you present in your teaching? Do think they can sense your confidence level in them?
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A huge step in teaching effectively is to remember the reason that we teach. Our goal is not to dump information, but to help Christ followers undergo spiritual transformation.

Another step in effective communication is using quality, relevant illustrations. In this next clip, Ray gives instruction for finding multimedia resources to use in your ministry. He explains how to narrow down the scope of your search and then use these sources effectively.

For the remainder of this post, think about the multimedia advice that Ray gave and use this space to brainstorm good resources that our ministry might use.

Who are some peers (ministry leaders or churches) that we can look to for help and guidance in using resources?
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What are some great videos or resources that you have seen in the past? What company produced these resources?
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Who are some professionals (big scale ministry leaders or churches) that we can look to model in their use of resources?
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Who are some students or other adults in our church that might be able to help us with technology and use of multimedia resources?
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Thank you for taking the time to offer this input. Let us continue to make good effort to use all the resources God has given us to teach and minister well for His name.

Ray suggested his own Teacher's Evaluation to get feedback from your students. You can find that tool here.

The books that Ray recommended are:

  • Teaching to Change Lives by Howard Hendricks
  • Why Johnny Can't Preach by T. David Gordon
  • Why Nobody Learns Much of Anything in the Church and How You Can Fix It by Thom and Joan Schultz
The website that Ray suggested for converting video files is freemake.com.

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