Teaching Teens about Quiet Time

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Mike Calhoun, with Word of Life Fellowship  offers practical steps for helping young people get in the godly habit of quiet time. Mike speaks to thousands of students, leaders and youth pastors through a diversified ministry of camps, conferences and evangelistic events. He has a deep burden for evangelism, discipleship and development of future leadership. His tips in this short clip will help you in your own quiet time and give you great steps for instructing youth who struggle with theirs.

When you talk to students about their quiet time, what frustrations do they most frequently share? How do you normally counsel them concerning these issues?
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Which piece of advice from this clip did you find the most helpful? Why?
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How are you doing with your quiet time? Which suggestion will you put into practice to make your time with the Lord better?
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Make a plan now to help a particular student with his or her quiet time. Think about someone who has confided in you that they are having trouble in their walk with God and start a conversation where you can encourage them with what you have learned today.

Mike mentioned the Word of Life resource, First Steps: The Adventure Begins, to help young people in their quiet time. Click here to check it out.

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