How to Help Boys Become Men

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Masculinity is under attack. Young boys are growing up without the proper role models and don't know what it means to be real men. Take a look at Ricco, who struggles with authority issues and consider how different his life would be if he had a Godly mentor.

Fred Luter, the Senior Pastor of New Orleans' Franklin Avenue Baptist Church and President of the Southern Baptist Convention explains the importance of getting young men involved in your church.

What have we done to attract young men in our church?
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What methods do we need to change to reach young men?
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Chip Luter gives practical advice on mentoring young men.

Chip told a great story about a Dad who talked to his son about sex at the age of 9 and it helped his son later in life to go to his Dad when he had questions. Chip explained that the son knew that he could go to his Dad to get the truth. What ideas do you have for our ministry to help our young men know they can find true answers to difficult questions?
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What did you think about Chip's challenge to mentor a young man in our ministry? Are you willing to commit to that? Is there anyone specific you would like to mentor?
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Helping young boys become men is essential to the health of our families, church, community and world. Pray for God to ignite a movement of men mentoring and distilling other men in our ministry.

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