Help Your Students Find Real Beauty

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Teenagers are under an immense amount of stress and often times turn to any form of approval they can get to fill the void in their lives. Watch Eboni's story to see where she turned to deal with the pressures of today's youth.

Chip Luter, the Pastor of Youth and Young Adults at New Orleans' Franklin Avenue Baptist Church discusses the cultural trappings our young people fall into with their appearance and how we can help them overcome these by building their identity in Christ.

Chip explained the world that our teenagers are living in with a culture built on image. In whats ways are you students consumed with their image?
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Chip encouraged us to ask our students to look inward after they have made a mistake by asking them the question: how did that make you feel in your heart? How can you use this technique or another question like it to have an honest talk with one of your students?
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What are some ways you can build into the inner character of your students?
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Pray for all of the students in our ministry. Pray for them to find their identity in Christ and not in their appearance.

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