Helping Teenagers Grow in Their Faith featuring Chip Luter

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Many of our youth feel incredibly isolated and lonely. Watch this video to take a peak into Maya's world. Sadly, her story is very common for today's teenagers. 

Chip Luter, the Pastor of Youth and Young Adults at New Orleans' Franklin Avenue Baptist Church talks about the ways that volunteer youth workers can help teenagers grow in their faith. 

Chip explained that you can't have a deep impact with every student. Who are the 2-3 students you think you can have a deeper connection with?
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Chip talked about impacting your students if you walk alongside them because this allows you to have deeper conversations. What will you do to walk alongside these 2-3 students?
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What can we do as a ministry to facilitate this deeper connection? Is there anything you need from me that would help you disciples your students?
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Spend some time praying for the 2-3 students that you believe you can have a deeper connection with. 

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