Organic Mentoring

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How does your church mentor young women? Do you use an organized method or are you more informal? Dr. Barbara Neumann talks about how to revise traditional methods of mentoring women. Barbara is an adjunct professor in the Christian Education Dept. at Dallas Theological Seminary and co-authored a book on mentoring.

What has been your experience in mentoring or being mentored? Do you follow an organized plan? How is that working for you? Is there anything you'd like to see happen differently?
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Barbara talked about the problem of implementing a more natural form of mentoring if a church segregates by age. Is that an issue in your church? Describe your relationships with those outside your age or stage of life.
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Barbara suggested implementing inter-generational events to move toward relationships that form naturally. What does your church do now that is inter-generational? What are some ideas you could implement?
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As you begin to fellowship together, relationships will form. Ask God to guide you toward a mentoring relationship.

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