When Worlds Collide

2012 Ligonier Conference

In this 58 minute session from the 2012 Ligonier Conference, Del Tackett, the architect and teacher of the Truth Project and a professor at the Focus Leadership Institute, dissects the post modern rejection of the Christian meta-narrative. Young people in the post modern world have totally bought into the "all about me" philosophy, but God calls us die to ourselves.

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact your role.

Read Romans 12:1–2. The Greek work metamorphoo implies a radical, deep transformation that shows itself obvious to the world around us. Christians must cautiously avoid this conformity to the world that makes our transformation invisible.

Dr. Tackett said that passivity is a major transformation blocker. In what parts of your life do you let passivity rule? Why are these areas hard for you to address? Is God calling you to do something now?
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The biggest conflict between Christianity and our day's prominent world view is rejection of the metanarrative. We have a story that begins with God himself, and we are all living as part of His plan.

Dr Tackett quoted the following as the incredulous post-modern view of metanarrative: 

"any large story that pretends to give an all encompassing explanation of anything, especially an over arching story of history and life in an attempt to legitimize some version of truth" 

What is it about this view that is so antithetical to Christianity?
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How has this sort of thinking made its way into the church?
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Ultimately, we hold to a big story because we trust God, we see it in Scripture and, we have a high view of truth. Read the following passages about Jesus' understanding of truth and interact with them in the spaces below.

Read John 14:6. What does this tell you about the nature of truth?
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Read Matthew 6:2, Mark 14:9, Luke 12:37, John 1:51. Jesus used this phrase about 70 more times besides these. What does this teach you about the way that Jesus regards truth?
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Read Matthew 7:24–27. What does this tell about the consequential aspects of truth?
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In closing, Dr. Tackett compared the life of embracing truth with the life of narcissism. The way through the broad gate tells its travelers "it's all about you." The way through the narrow gate is marked with the call "die to yourself."

What are some of the practical consequences of the "it's all about me" life?
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How have you seen these attitudes at odds in your own church? What can church leaders do about the constant promotion of narcissism from our culture?
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"Are you going to base how you walk on how you feel, or are you going to base how you walk on what you believe is really real?"

If you are interested in learning more about R.C. Sproul's Ligonier Ministries, visit their website at ligonier.org