When Tragedy Hits Home

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Fred Luter, the Senior Pastor of New Orleans' Franklin Avenue Baptist Church and President of the Southern Baptist Convention, felt confused and angry after Hurricane Katrina destroyed his church and his city, but he kept his faith. As he reflects on his own experience, he gives us great advice for trusting in Jesus when tragedy strikes.

Read Mark 4:35–41. Look for the promise, presence, and power of Christ that Fred mentioned. Remember that Jesus is greater than he who is in this world, and he is worth trusting when tragedy strikes.

What happened the last time tragedy impacted your life? What did that situation do to disrupt you and your peace? How did you react?
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Fred's wife and other pastor friends helped him through his anger and confusion. Who do you have in place around you that can build up you and encourage you when bad things happen? Are you engaged in a kind of regular fellowship that can easily turn into this kind of support when it is needed?
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As you think through the implications of this lesson for yourself, also consider how you will use what you have learned to counsel others. Make a plan to gently share these things with hurting people in your congregation.

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