Church Planting Requires Faithfulness

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Fred Luter, the Senior Pastor of New Orleans' Franklin Avenue Baptist Church and President of the Southern Baptist Convention, speaks directly to church planters with  advice and encouragement that will help all of us in ministry. Church planting is hard work, and the primary ingredient of faithfulness will sustain you like nothing else that you can do.

Fred gave us three areas in which church planters should exhibit faithfulness.
  1. Remain faithful to God
  2. Remain faithful to your family
  3. Remain faithful to your church
For those of you who are not involved in church plants, how can you apply all of these lessons to your home church? Adapt your answers to the following to fit the ministry in which God has placed you.

God called you to this ministry with a purpose. What will you do to remain faithful to Him as you encounter the hurdles and hangups of starting a new church?
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During the business of launching your ministry, what will you do to remain the apple of your wife's eye? How will you be a hero to your children?
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How will you remain faithful to your church? What plan do you have in place for the longevity of this fellowship?
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