Encouragement for Volunteers

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In this training post, Fred Luter, Senior Pastor of New Orleans' Franklin Avenue Baptist Church and President of the Southern Baptist Convention, encourages and thanks volunteers for the great work they do for the church. Without the work of servant-hearted volunteers, our churches would have much less accomplished.


What if no one in the church was willing to serve? Take a look at this funny video. 

Thankfully, you have been willing to step up and serve! No pastor can do all the work. Listen to Pastor Fred Luter. 

How do you serve in your church? Take a moment to write the names of some people and areas that would miss out if you just stopped what you do. How has this hard work been a blessing?
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Do you ever feel that you are unappreciated for all the work that you do? When no person takes the time to thank you, what truth about God keeps you going?
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What are some of the rewards you have already received here on this earth because of your work in ministry?
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Read 1 Corinthians 12:4–7. If you are not currently volunteering in some facet of ministry, make a short list of some of your best talents and skills. How might God be able to use you if you apply your giftings to ministry?
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If you are on church staff, who are some people that you need to thank for their work? Make it a point to contact them this week and do that.

If you are a volunteer, remember to press on with the ministry God has given you. 

Let us all thank God for the blessing of ministry and the gifts He has given us so that we can do our part as His servants.

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