When People Fall

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Fred Luter, Senior Pastor of New Orleans' Franklin Avenue Baptist Church and President of the Southern Baptist Convention, asks us to offer restoration when our brothers or sisters fail. Using the example of Peter's denial, he shows us how God wants to offer His mercy and bring people back, rather than cast them aside.

Read Mark 14:66–72 and John 21:15–19.Think about the way that Jesus restored Peter as you answer the following questions.

Do you have a restoration story? Which of the following have you experienced?

Choose all that apply

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Use this space to tell your story. What was the failure? How was he/she/you received? Was fellowship the same afterward? (Use aliases if you feel you need to.)
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What benefit does restoration have for a person's walk after they return to the Lord?
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Fred said that for a person to be restored, three things must be present.
  1. They must have genuine remorse 
  2. They must genuinely repent
  3. They must be aware of the pain they caused

Why are each of these things necessary? What will happen if a person is restored who has not embraced all three of these?
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What is the difference between restoring a person to fellowship in the body and restoring a person to a former leadership position? Should we separate the two when readmitting someone from moral failure? How should the church draw this line, if at all?
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Think about a person in your congregation who has fallen in sin. Consider what they have done and how you can reach out to this person with a heart of grace and love. Can you make steps towards helping this brother or sister beginning this week?

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