Growing Strong Men in Your Church

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What does a strong man look like? It can be hard to define. In this post, Fred Luter talks about the need for strong men in the church and what his congregation does to nurture that growth and leadership. Before you  hear Fred speak, watch this funny video about manliness.

The church needs men who are something more than sweaty football fans and lovers of jalapeño cheeseburgers.

In this video clip, Fred describes the lack of men in his congregation when he first arrived, and he shares his motivation for reaching out to men to be a part of the church.

Fred said that he is convinced that when "a man is saved, he will save his family." What biblical support do you see for this assertion?
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Fred explained that "a strong church starts with strong men who are building up strong families." Do you agree with his statement? How have you seen evidence of this dynamic in your congregation?
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In this next clip, Fred describes our culture's great need for godly men and its dismissal of men as valuable to the family.

Fred said that entertainment industry tends to feminize men and label them un-valuable. What does a masculine man look like from a biblical perspective?
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What does your church do in order to build up men to be godly leaders in their homes and communities?
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In this final clip, Fred shares some of the strategy his church uses to challenge brothers to become involved in ministry.

How does your church challenge and encourage men to get them involved in ministry?
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Do you have a place where you can assess leadership amongst the men in your church? What can you do in your congregation's circumstances to affectively cultivate strong leaders?
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Does your church have a system in place for mentoring young men? How does it work? Are you getting quality results? What should older men do as mentors in order to help younger men become more Christlike?
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Using some of Fred's ideas, begin a prayerful inquiry into your church's ministry toward men. Ask God to show you how to build up the men in your church to be the strong leaders that He has called them to be.

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