The Rock of Ages and the Age of Rocks

2012 Ligonier Conference

In this 55 minute session from the 2012 Ligonier Conference, Stephen Meyer, Director of the Discovery Institute and founder of the Institute's Center for Science and Culture, offers compelling evidence for belief in Intelligent Design. Although a philosophical worldview of scientific materialism has dominated our culture for just over one hundred years, new discoveries are bringing a renewed scientific validity to an acceptance of God as Creator over all. 

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact your role.

A group of scientists known as the New Atheists have created a series of attacks on Intelligent Design. Most notably, they have claimed that belief in God is both untenable and delusional.

Read Psalm 19: 1–4. What are some parts of God's world in which you see His glory?
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Read Romans 1: 18–22. Describe how this passage relates specifically to the New Atheist understanding of the world.
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Have you ever struggled with your faith because it seemed to contradict scientific evidence? What did problem look like for you? Did any part of Dr. Meyer's talk help you with this issue?
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Dr. Meyer listed three new discoveries that support our belief that God created the universe.
  1. Cosmology — all of the universe is expanding, and this implies a finite. beginning point (Genesis 1), rather than an eternal existence of lifeless matter.
  2. Fine Tuning — the entire universe hangs in an extremely delicate balance, and the slightest change would make life impossible.
  3. Information Origin — all information is the result of thought, and DNA contains a wealth of precise information that makes life possible down to the cellular level.

In your own words, describe the most impactful point of Dr. Meyer's talk. Write your answer as you would explain this point to a fellow believer who is struggling with reconciling God and what he or she has heard is science.
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What place does the information from this session have in evangelism? How might you use what you have learned from Dr. Meyer' s while talking to an unbeliever? Should you exercise any caution in doing so?
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Is the God hypothesis back? Do you foresee a coming widespread cultural acceptance that God created the universe? Why?
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Stephen Meyers has made a compelling case for God as the originator of the universe. Read Acts 17:27–28 and spend some time in prayer right now. Thank God for creation and His continued presence in our lives. 

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