When Does Youth Group Really Start?

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Nobody wants to be the first person to a party. Brian Summerall talks to youth leaders about the importance of being ready and appealing before the first student arrives. Brian has been on staff at Young Life for over 25 years and is the Director of Ministry Strategy. He travels the country training staff and volunteers to reach more students in existing ministries. 

What does it look like when the first students comes into your event? Are you scrambling and practicing till the last minute, or does it look like "everyone" is there?
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How do you make sure students feel welcome to come in? How do they feel a part of the group?
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Brian gave some great examples that are used in Young Life groups. What can you take away from these tips for your group?
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Most students feel uneasy when they enter new situations, either from past experience or misperceptions. After a friend encourages Daniel to come to church, his view on church and Jesus change dramatically. 

What happens in relationships before the meeting starts can make or break how the gospel message is received in your meeting. Let's make sure students feel welcome before our gatherings even start so they can be engaged in the gospel.

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