A Youth Worker's Role in Social Media

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Annie Downs is a Girls of Grace Conference speaker and the author of Perfectly Unique. She is passionate about seeing young women find their true value in God. In this video, Annie tells us how to help our students use social media.

How much do you know about your students' online lives? What social networks are they on?
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How are you helping your student's find out right and wrong was to interact online?
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In this next clip, Annie gives practical advice for youth workers.

How is your online life helping or hurting your ministry with your students?
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What kind of content can you create that will help fill your students with truth?
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I really like Annie's charge to lead our students by creating content online. Pray right now and ask God to help you have a ministry presence online.

We interviewed Annie at a Girls of Grace Conference, a "can't miss event for teen girls." To find the next Girls of Grace event in your area visit the website at girlsofgrace.com.