When Should a Youth Worker Get The Parent Involved?

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Annie Downs is a Girls of Grace Conference speaker and the author of Perfectly Unique. She is passionate about seeing young women find their true value in God. In this video, Annie explains when to call the parents about an issue with their child.

Annie was so right when she said that we are a team… the parents, our ministry staff and volunteers. We are all working with God to rescue these girls and bring truth into their lives.

Do you have any situations with a student where you feel the need to talk to a parent? Please let me know so I can help you and support you.
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If you have any current situations where you need to call a parent, then pray for those parents and that situation.

We interviewed Annie at a Girls of Grace Conference, a "can't miss event for teen girls." To find the next Girls of Grace event in your area visit the website at girlsofgrace.com