How To Help Young Girls Find True Value in God

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Annie Downs is a Girls of Grace Conference speaker and the author of Perfectly Unique. She is passionate about seeing young women find their true value in God. In this video, Annie explains why it's so important for young girls to hear truth.

Annie talks about the importance of rescuing teen girls from the lies that culture is teaching them. What are some of those lies?
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Annie explained that we have a great opportunity to speak life into the girls we work with. What are some specific ways you can do this? And who are some specific students you can encourage?
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Take a moment to look at the list of lies you created above and the students you can encourage. Pray for each of those students right now. Pray that they would not buy into the lies, but instead understand the truth of God's love and acceptance. 

When you are done praying watch this next clip from Annie where she gives specific advice to help young girls.

Annie encouraged us to be bold with our students by asking them directly if we think they are struggling. She also warned us to do it in love. What are some ways you can speak truth in love to a student you believe is struggling?
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I hope you understand the power of the position you hold in your students' lives! You have the ability to encourage them and help them see who they really are. Please ask God to give you wisdom and insight as you speak the truth in love to your students.

We interviewed Annie at a Girls of Grace Conference, a "can't miss event for teen girls." To find the next Girls of Grace event in your area visit the website at