Helping Students Break free From Legalism

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Some students don't embrace the Christian life because they wrongly assume that God would only love someone who was perfect. Watch Pearla's story and see the impact that one youth worker had on her by simply extending some grace.

Chris Wheeler is the Director of Student Initiatives at Show Hope and a popular speaker at Girls of Grace Conferences. In this video, Chris explains the importance of being honest with your students.

Chris explained how we need to be real with our students about our struggles, but also need to be smart about how much we share about our past decisions. His advice is to find ways to admit that you are not perfect so you can magnify the grace of God in your life. What are some ways that you can admit that you are not perfect to your students?
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In this next clip, Chris talks about extending grace to our students.

What does Chris mean when he encourages us to "experiment with grace"?
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Who specifically do you need to extend more grace to and what does that look like?
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Let's not be surprised when our students struggle with some of the same issues that we often struggle with as adults. Instead, lets find ways to be vulnerable and transparent while extending grace. 

Take some time right now to pray for any students that comes to mind and ask God to show you and empower you to extend His grace to them.

We interviewed Chris at a Girls of Grace Conference, a "can't miss event for teen girls." To find the next Girls of Grace event in your area visit the website at