Helping Youth Navigate Dating

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The teen boys and girls in our youth groups are struggling with boundaries and temptations in dating. Listen as Katy shares how she started dating someone she met at church and they let the physical side of their relationship change their priorities. 

Think of the youth in your group. Who is struggling or hiding in sin? Who needs to be reminded of God's plan for marriage or encouraged by God's forgiveness?

In this video, Chris Wheeler gives great advice for students who want to date in a God-honoring manner. Chris is the Director of Student Initiatives at Show Hope and a popular speaker at Girls of Grace Conferences. 

How can you communicate the idea of "waiting for steak" to your students? Do you have any other non-dating related stories to share where you reaped the benefits of waiting for God's best?
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What are some specific ways you can challenge the boys in our ministry to become men?
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Have you had any relationship related talks with your students? What are some of the things your students want to talk about or learn about in relation to dating?
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 I know that it can be incredibly awkward to talk to your students about dating, but it is absolutely essential. Please feel free to ask for additional help if this is an area where you feel ill-equipped. Take some time now to pray for the girls in our ministry to "wait for steak" and the boys to become true men.

We interviewed Chris at a Girls of Grace Conference, a "can't miss event for teen girl's." To find the next Girls of Grace event in your area visit the website at

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