How to Help Girls with Body Image Issues

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Too many of our teenage girls are struggling with body image issues and it is causing a severe amount of pain and stress. Watch this story to take a peak into the life of a girl wrestling with her image. 

Constance Rhodes is the Founder and CEO of FINDINGbalance, a Christian nonprofit with an emphasis on eating and body image issues and a speaker for Girls of Grace Conferences. In this video, Constance enlightens us on how teenage girls view their bodies.

Constance said that we have a crisis when it comes to how girls view their bodies and that 81% of 10 year olds fear being fat. In what ways have you seen this played out in our ministry?
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What can you do to create opportunities to discuss body image with your teens?
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In this next video, Constance tells us how to spot body image issues.

Constance encourages us to slowly engage in conversation. If you have any suspicions about girls struggling with body image issues, then I want you to start that conversation. In this next video, Constance explains what to do if a student tells you about struggling with an eating disorder.

Do you have any girls who have told you about an eating disorder? Do the parents know? How can I help you?
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This is a huge topic that we can't just sweep under the rug. Please join me in praying for our students. Pray for them to find their value and identity in Christ. Pray for them to let the truth of the Bible be their guide and not the allure of culture. Pray for the students who feel like they are losing the battle to find their victory in Jesus.

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