Helping Teens Find their Identity in Christ

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Constance Rhodes is the Founder and CEO of FINDINGbalance, a Christian nonprofit with an emphasis on eating and body image issues and a speaker for Girls of Grace Conferences. In this video, Constance explains the importance for every leader to understand their own identity in Christ before they lead students to do the same.

Constance said: "God has given you value that no man can take away." Do you feel that? Do you fully grasp the love that the Creator of the universe has for you? Before going any further with this training, take a moment and ask God to show you what you mean to Him.

How have you found your identity in Christ? What are some things you have learned on your journey that could help you be transparent with the students you lead?
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In this next clip, Constance helps us understand how many young girls view themselves.

What emotions came to mind when Constance explained that most teens think they don't matter?
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Who can you encourage this week to help them know they do matter because God created them and has a desire to use them.
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Constance encouraged us to compliment our teens based on who God has created them to be, rather than their appearance or success. Pray now and ask God to reveal to you specific things you can point out to your students.

We interviewed Constance at a Girls of Grace Conference, a "can't miss event for teen girls." To find the next Girls of Grace event in your area visit the website at