Is Your Youth Ministry on Mission or a Monument?

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What happens to a youth ministry that loses its mission? Brian Summerall talks to youth pastors about the dangers of moving a youth ministry into "maintenance mode."  Brian has been on the staff of Young Life for over 25 years and is the Director of Ministry Strategy. He travels the country training staff and volunteers to reach more students in existing ministries.

Brian talked about how every church (youth ministry) goes through 1 of 3 stages.
  1. Mission: growing, excited, making a difference
  2. Maintenance: compared to others feels ok, no new ideas
  3. Monument: beautiful on outside, empty
He explained that IF a ministry goes into the maintenance stage, then it is inevitable that it will eventually become a monument to what it used to be excited about.

Take an honest look at the stages, your youth ministry and your team. Where is your youth ministry? Are you caring or proud?
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How would your students and their parents describe the youth ministry? How would the students in your community describe the youth ministry?
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Brian gave a lot of comparisons as to what the mission stage and the monument stage looks like. How are you loving all kids? How are you going out after the "one lost sheep"?
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What is your next "hill"? What are your big plans? What is your team praying for?
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Take some time to pray and talk with your team to find out where you all are. Are you on mission or are you so close to maintenance that you're headed towards becoming a group of people who used to be excited about the mission but no longer are? 

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