Founding Fatherhood on God's Loyal Love

2011 D6 Conference

In this 32 minute session from the 2011 D6 Conference, Garnett Reid, Professor of Theology at Welch College and author of "Deuteronomy 6 in 3D," identifies God's loyal love as the foundation for a godly heritage for a one's children. He encourages fathers to remember God's promises and live in His love in order to leave a strong legacy for their own sons and daughters.

Take notes as you listen to this encouraging message, and apply these lessons to your own parenting.

God's hesed is his loyal covenant love. He made a covenant promise to Abraham that He would love his descendants, and no matter how much the people failed, God never would. Hesed  is prominent in Deuteronomy, but the theme runs through all of Scripture. Garnett gives four conclusions based on God's hesed that impact our role as fathers.

Conclusion 1 - God Pledges Himself in hesed to Every Son in Every Generation

Do you have a regular time in which you teach God's promises to your children? If not, write a plan here for teaching the Bible to your kids. Be specific about the time, place, frequency, and method or resource.
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Conclusion 2 - God Does His Work of Discipleship in Every Son in Every Generation Primarily Through the Heart

When your kids fail, how will you encourage them to maintain a heart for the Lord?
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Do you set a high standard for your children? How should you find balance between harsh, unrealistic expectations and a healthy, challenging standard?
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Conclusion 3. A Father's Commitment as a Dad Must Begin with His own Heart

David described his own heart in many ways. Read the following verses from Psalms that Garnett mentioned in his talk.

A hesed dad's healthy heart is...
  • grateful - 9:1–2
  • joyful -13:5
  • receptive and teachable - 40:8
  • proven - 17:3
  • focused - 19:14
  • courageous - 27:3
  • persistent - 27:8
  • trusting - 28:7
  • transparent - 139:23–24

Now take a prayerful look at your own heart in regard to these attributes. Evaluate yourself in each of them.
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Conclusion 4. Each Son in Every Generation Must Find that Axis or Core Where Hesed Flourishes in His Life

Do you struggle with trusting God to lead your kids away from danger and into righteousness? Which fears are the hardest to give up in regard to this struggle?
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As a summary statement for all your work on this post, what will you begin to do differently as a father to show your children the loyal love of God?
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"Christian parenting begins with Christianity. With all the strategies, parenting philosophies, theories, and agendas we have, if we don't have Christian parents, we don't have Christian parenting. Christianity in the home begins with a holy, faithful, loving, God who keeps His promise and is true to His word throughout all generations." 

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