A Model Prayer

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In this Insight for Living video clip, Chuck Swindoll, author, radio broadcaster and Senior Pastor of Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, TX, encourages us to carve out time for prayer.

Many of us often have trouble carving out time for prayer. We get busy or we forget. Sometimes these distractions are worthwhile, but they are still distractions. As Chuck says, "Let's not allow the good things to crowd out the best things."

What keeps you from carving out daily time for prayer? What change will you make to overcome this hindrance to prayer?
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Chuck said that making time for prayer is never easy. Why is it not?
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Do you have good things in your life that are crowding out the best things? What priority changes do you need to make?
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Read Mark 1:35 and Luke 5:16. Jesus always made time to speak with the Father. Let's follow the Lord's example and make prayer a priority.

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