Watch Your Tongue

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In this Insight for Living video clip, Chuck Swindoll, author, radio broadcaster and Senior Pastor of Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, TX, warns us to use caution with our words, especially when we are angry.

Words are powerful things and, when we are angry, we tend to become careless with them. Careless tongues cause pain and regret. It hurts us to remember our own harsh words or those used against us. Chuck reminds us that we must be careful when we speak.

Solomon had a lot to say about our words. Read the following verses from Proverbs and think about them as you answer the questions.
  • 10:19
  • 12:18
  • 15:1–2
  • 18:19–21
  • 29:20

Solomon said that the tongue has power over life as well as death. Write about a time when another person's words spoke life into you.
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In what area of your life are you the most tempted to be hasty with your words? While driving? Playing a sport? With a particularly frustrating sibling? Use this space to write a short plan for reining in your careless words in that area.
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Do you have any relationships that have been broken by careless words? What can you do to begin reconciliation with this other person?
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